Tips To Use iPad Like a Pro

If you are getting overwhelmed with your new iPad that you just got your hands on, don’t worry; It’s a familiar feeling. There are plenty of things to learn about your new device. Just stay relaxed and do not feel intimidated. You are going to use the device like a pro in just a few days. Follow these tips:

1- Move the Apps into Folders

You may want just to start downloading, but you will be surprised by how fast you will have three or more pages full of apps. This can be difficult to find a specific app. Spotlight search may provide a great way to search for apps, it’s quite easy to keep your iPad organized by putting apps into folders. For moving an app, just tap and hold your finger on it till all the apps are jiggling. You can drag an app anywhere on the screen once this happens. Simply drop it on another app for creating a folder. You can also give a custom name to the folder.

While setting up initial folders, try to drag the Settings app to dock at the base of the screen. This dock will come with a few apps in it, but it can fit to 6. And for the reason that the dock is always present on the home screen, it makes a fast way to launch your favorite app.

2- Download Latest Software Update

There is no doubt that every gadget receives an update regarding its system software. Software updates not only keep your device running smoothly but also squash bugs that might harm.  They also save battery life. Although there are no known viruses for iPad but none of the devices is completely invulnerable. Software updates will undoubtedly make your iPad experience safer and secure.

3- Download iWork, iLife, and iBooks

iWork includes a word processor, presentation software and spreadsheet. iLife contains Garage Band, iPhoto, a virtual music studio which is fantastic for photo editing and iMovie is a movie editor. When you launch the App Store for the first time, you will present an opportunity to download these apps. This is the easiest way to download all at once.

4- Disable In-App Purchases

If you are a parent and have a small child. It is a smart idea to disable in-App purchases. Although there are many free apps available in the App Store, many of them are not entirely free. They on the contrary use in-app purchases to make money. This includes so many games. In-app purchases became famous because of the freemium model. It offers an app for free. These in-app purchases can be disabled; you just need to:

  • Open the iPad’s settings.
  • Choose General from the left menu.
  • Tap restrictions from General settings
  • Tap enable restrictions.

You will be asked for a passcode; this passcode will be used to get back into restrictions area to alter settings. Once the restrictions are enabled, tap the on/off slider next to in-app purchases towards the base of the screen.

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