Tips to customize the iPad

It’s an easy task to customize your iPad, along with creating photos and putting up a personalized background image. There are several unusual things to do with the iPad to make it more personal. You can quickly customize your iPad with the use of below given simple techniques:

Secure your iPad

First and foremost thing not to be forgotten is “security.”

Along with locking your iPad with a passcode containing a combination of alphabets and numerals, you can also disable specific apps or functions. You can even deny the app store to allow applications apt for children and turn off some apps completely. You can also set a passcode by going into the iPad’s settings and by tapping “Touch ID & Passcode,” tap “turn passcode on” to get started. Here you can use a 4-6 digit passcode.

Individualize your iPhone with pictures.

One of the coolest things to do is customize the iPad by changing the background wallpaper and image used on the lock screen. You can just put pictures of your family, friends, lover, nature or about anything beautiful on your mind. This will make your iPad stand out of the usual ones. Just go to the Photos app, pick and picture, tap and share at the top of the screen.

Add a personalized keyboard

The iPad operating system enables us to install “widgets” on the iPad. The widget is a small mechanical app that runs in the notification center.  Download a custom keyboard like Swype from the app store. How to get your new keyboards to pop up when the on-screen keyboard appears?  There will be a globe on the keyboard, just tap it into cycle through keyboards. You can also tap and hold to select a keyboard.

You can also customize the different sounds, use sound clips for new mail, text tones, etc.

Give a new nickname.

This is going to be really fun. You can tell Siri to call you by a nickname. There is a feature of giving anyone a nickname by filling in the nickname field in the contacts list.

This way you can customize your iPad and access it efficiently.

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