How to fix iPhone Speaker Not Working

The iPhone speakers produce a clear sound, and it is fun to listen to the favorite songs from the device. But what if the speaker of your iPhone stops working? It will ruin your day when you can’t hear anything from the speakers of iPhone. In that event, what will you do to solve the problem?

Before solving the problem, you must try to comprehend why the problem is occurring. If any water penetrated the phone, then the problem will definitely occur. Well, it is not necessary that this is only reason causing malfunctioning of the speaker. The software problem can also bring the issues in the speaker of the phone. But there are some methods effective to fix the speaker problem in iPhone.

Here’s how to fix iPhone Speaker Not Working.

Check if the Phone is in Headphone Mode

The iPhone stuck in the Headphone mode is a very common problem which the iPhone users witness. To remove the headphone mode in your iPhone, you try the methods mentioned below –

  1. Plug in and out the headphone.
  2. Try another pair of headphones.
  3. Restart the iPhone.
  4. Check the 3.5mm port on iPhone.

Try Basic Troubleshooting

Ensure that your iPhone is not in the silent mode. Check the switch button above the volume button in your iPhone and ensure that its color is red. There is another way to check the volume. Press the (+) volume button on your iPhone to maximize the level of volume in your phone. Now, try to make a call and check if the speaker is working.

Turn on iPhone Speaker

  1. Open the Settings app of your iPhone.
  2. Tap General and open the menu.
  3. Find Accessibility and tap to open it.
  4. Now, tap on Call Audio Routing and select Bluetooth or speaker.

Whenever you tap on the Speaker icon while taking the phone call, you will disable the speaker from your phone. Pairing the iPhone with any device anytime will automatically reconnect the phone when in the range of the device. It interrupts the speaker, and the struggle keeps growing to get the voice on the speaker.

Check for iOS Update

If there is a bug in the iPhone, then it will conflict with the software to perform the functions of accessories. If this is the case, then you must check for the software updates in your iPhone. The process might take some time, so keep the phone on charging and continue with updating your software.

Restore iPhone from a Backup

If nothing works, then you must try to restore the iPhone. Restoring the phone to the previous backups will erase the bugs and unreachable damaged files which are responsible for creating the problem. Once you are done with the restoration, you can try to restore the previous backups on your phone.

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